Pubito, the ready to use template for bistro, cafe and restaurant

Pubito is a one-page ready-to-use template designed for bistro, café or restaurant. It is composed by a main page layout embedding a header, a section for menu presentation, a section for premise presentation, a section for event and one more for the reviews.


Pubito a one-page template designed for bistro, cafe restaurant is composed of a header,  a section for menu presentation, a section for premise presentation, a section for events, a section for review, a section to reserve a table and a footer. User can fill the menu with his dishes and specialties. The template is composed of two-page layout one for the landing page and a second for the error page.

The template is composed of the following layouts:

  • BistroHomePage, used for the home page
  • BistroErrorPage, used to display the error page
  • BistroMenuPage, used to display the Menu
  • BistroAuthentication, used to allowed user to login
  • BistroAuthenticationFailed, used when authetication failed
  • BistroDynamic, used to display information not linked to Menu
  • BistroAlert, used to display the alerte page
  • BistroPaymentByWire, used for payment by wire.
  • BistroPaymentBycreditCard, used for payment by plastic cards.
  • BistroPaymentByBitCoin, used for payment by Bitcoins.
  • BistroPaymentByPayPal, used for payment by Paypal.
  • BistroPaymentByCash, used for payment by cash.
  • BistroDeferredPayment, used for deferred payment.
  • BistroOrderSummary, used to present the checkout page.

What do you need to start:

  • A short presentation of your activity
  • A logotype
  • A list of Menus you want to present
  • A short presentation of each Menus
  • One picture, or more, per Menus
  • Field information for item of each Menus
  • At least one picture per item.
  • Any story you would like to put on your website.

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