About Catalogger

Catalogger is a “Content Management System”  that manages multiple domains and generates HTML pages from content defined by an administrator.

Catalogger was born out of customer requests for a powerful, multi-entry, multi-domain, multi-language WEB CMS with easily modifiable page structures and centralized updates while avoiding a cumbersome structure and libraries.

The objective of Catalogger is to allow entities of all sizes to have a digital presence on the web at costs that are bearable for any budget, hence the bold choice of pooling resources and proposing a server architecture that allows each domain, hosted on a server, to have a distinct existence on the web.

To do this, the Catalogger architecture is composed of three main applications:

  • The HTML page generation engine,
  • The administration
  • The mockup

For any entity, the presence on the web is above all the presentation of the services and/or products that the entity puts on the market because it is the very purpose of its existence. The difficulty lies in designing a tool that allows for a simple and attractive presentation of the products or services of multiple entities with completely different fields of activity. Applying the lowest common denominator method, the conclusion is that entities should present their catalogues of goods or services where only the content of the items differs according to each entity's catalogue. The focus was therefore on the design and development of a configurable digital catalogue management system associated with a search engine that could also be configured. The tool had found its own name: Catalogger, a cloud web content management.

To preserve the budgets of small entities, Catalogger builds the pages of the digital presentation from "Page Templates", included in the platform's services. These templates can be customised according to the budget or the wishes of the person in charge of the entity's digital communication.

Catalogger, Web CMS, also integrates simple information by means of Containers that can be of page type or block type. Text and image containers that can, of course, be associated or not with a catalogue and its content.

Digital transformation is built up gradually, so it is important that the webmaster can change the information in simple ways, which is made possible by the administration of Catalogger. Entities often have little time to devote to communication and therefore neglect it in favour of other services. However, today it is crucial to have a digital communication.

Catalogger's SaaS mode of operation offers small entities the opportunity to be supported by local service providers who are able to understand their needs and offer them a quality service adapted to their budget.

Catalogger is designed and developed by Guriansoft.

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