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The pages generated by Catalogger are based on templates and are infinitely modifiable. A fully customizable "Graphical Template Editor" to delight the web designer and web creator of Catalogger.


Catalogger has its own "Graphical Template Editor". The Templates made available to Catalogger administrators, web designers and web creators are fully customizable. Catalogger users have access to all the templates available on the platform and also to the new templates regularly generated by our team of designers.

Catalogger comes with a set of page templates, the Administrator can modify or create new templates. The page structure is fully customizable, the Administrator can use a set of objects that are predefined: division, fig caption, figure, footer, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, img, entry, a, article, citation, button, caption, catalogue-inner-bg-slider, catalogue-inner-slider, catalogue-slider, catalogue-slider, catalogue-items-glider, catalogue-items-bg-slider, cat-catalog-item, catalog-item, containers-slider, contact-container, imprint-component, social-footer, catalog-items-list-anchor, catalog-items-list-chor, catalog-items-list-page, select-language-component, legal-menu-component, special-menu-component, composant de menu standard, composant de menu-catalogue, catalogue-composant, panneau-catalogue, conteneur de panneau, panneau-catalogue-articles, panneau-catalogue-simple-link, panneau-catalogue-simple-link, panneau-catalogue-articles-simple-link, conteneur-header, conteneur-row, conteneurs-row, conteneurs-page, conteneur-image, contenant-page, contenu de page, valeur-texte, catalogue-liste, catalogue-list-anchor, contenu social, catalog-news-item, catalogue-item-accordion, join-one-word, joint-all-words, search-zone.

For each page template, the Administrator will be able to define specific CSS and specific Javascripts required for the page.

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The confidentiality of your data

As part of our professional practice, your data is stored in accordance with our ethics beyond the law "informatique et liberté". We attach the greatest importance beyond the legal obligations of confidentiality to not disclosing any information about you to unauthorised third parties.

We will not disclose your data to any third party.

As part of our action, all our employees are made aware of the need to respect this confidentiality and to apply professional secrecy. Our behaviour is motivated by the maintenance of a permanent discretion protecting our clients.

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