A SaaS Architecture


Guriansoft offers you three ways to build your SaaS offer:

1- Set up from Guriansoft's shared servers

Setting up a SaaS offering from a Guriansoft server is the most economical and fastest way.

How does it work?

You need to dedicate a domain name to this service for example saas-mydomain.com. Once this domain, or sub-domain, exists you point it to the IP address of the Guriansoft server that will be provided to you by contract.

Your SaaS offer is now in place and you can host your customers' domains in your name and quickly create modern and efficient digital showcases thanks to our website templates.

The main advantage of this solution is the low cost of implementation. Also, this solution allows you to acquire a license for each domain you will install or to acquire a license for several domains.

2- Set up from a dedicated server at Guriansoft

If you want your offer to be hosted on an independent server and you do not have the possibility to manage a server yourself, Guriansoft provides you with a server and a Catalogger license.

How does it work?

In the same way, as for the offer on a shared server, you must dedicate a domain name to your SaaS service. Once in possession of this domain name or sub-domain, you point it to the IP address of the server that will be dedicated to you by contract.

This solution offers the advantage of not having exclusivity since only your customers' domains are hosted on this platform and of benefiting from a technical problem management service by the Guriansoft team.

3- Set up on your server.

You can acquire a license of Catalogger to install it on your server and thus have a completely independent SaaS offer.

The pre-requisites for the implementation of a SaaS offering with Guriansoft's solution:

  • to have a good understanding of how the web works
  • to have a good knowledge of what a web page is
  • be able to understand a customer's need
  • be able to describe, classify and order products, goods or services
  • be able to write a presentation of an activity or a product
  • have a good knowledge of CSS

Get more information: http://www.guriansoft.com/en/saas-solution-by-guriansoft

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